Re-imagine Life

Create lasting customer relationships via the palm of their hand


Magpie is a mobile-first business. We bridge the gap between innovators and large established businesses with an ecosystem that holds the consumer at the centre.

We re-imagine everyday life services, transforming the way businesses engage with, create products for, and service their customers.

Magpie's Core B2B Services

Going Live with Magpie

Create Your Proposition

Turn Transactions into Relationships

Choose services from our app store and create your proposition:

Engage on a new level 

Our selection of IoT devices bring tangibility to your propositions and data that provides new possibilities for communication.

With services from each area of a consumer's life (Life Categories), you can create propositions to suit vehicle themes to health themes, financial themes to personal safety themes.  All accessible from a single app.

Digitise Your Existing Services

If you're only at the beginning of your digital journey you can pick from our range of PaaS services and bring your analogue services direct to your customers hands.

With Magpie, you can create forms, flows, maps, digital cards, check-ins to suit your existing services.


Configure the Delivery at Lightning Speed

Plug & Play

If you don't have an app, use Magpie's platform to bundle together your chosen services.

With our proprietary technology, your branded proposition can be available for sale on both app stores within 24 hours.

If you already have an app, use Magpie's SDK to embed the services and give your customers a new reason to download and interact with it.

Choose Your Integration Option

New standalone white-labelled app

White Wings Icon

If you don’t have an app or you want to separate your services, Magpie’s standalone app gives you a ready-to-go solution.

With app-store approved services, flexible branding and event-driven communications; you can launch, test and learn without putting unnecessary commitment or pressure on your internal IT.


Link from your app to a white-labelled app
White Wings IconAlready got an app? Use deep linking to encourage downloads of your Magpie app or use a deep link in the Magpie app to encourage downloads of your own app.
Integrate Magpie’s proposition into your existing app
White Wings IconSell or give Magpie’s services to your customers and give them a new reason to download or interact with your app with our SDK. With minimal IT work required, you can maximise your ROI and engagement via cross-sell services.

Go to Market

Fit propositions to channels and customers for maximum conversion. Here are some examples of our sales models:

Freemium > Premium Upgrades
Use our proprietary software, make new services appear in your customers’ hands.

Inclusion as part of wider propositions
Perfect for embedding in your app and building out your proposition.

Add-ons to face to face transactions
Spend over a certain amount and we’ll beam the app over.

App Marketplaces & Social Media
Magpie as a featured app in online shops!

Online Sales – of course!
Using our new download journey.


Create a truly unique customer journey driven by customer action, configurable by you or us…with just a few clicks on our state of the art Rules Engine.

Check out the video on the right for examples of how our Rules Engine can help your business and your customers re-imagine everyday life services.



Big Data, Little Data:

With Life Management Services from a multitude of categories, you can now tap into insight and information that you could never access before.

Using the market-leading tools we have sourced and integrated into our solution, you will understand your customers on a fairer, deeper level than ever.

“Digital entrepreneurs are re-imagining almost every aspect of business. Let us help you think and act like digital entrepreneurs."

Stephen Kennedy, CEO at Magpie

Magpie Technologies Ltd